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Best Ceramics Tips, Trick And Tools To Make Pottery At Home

Pottery Making Tips Training and Tools For The Beginner and Seasoned Potter


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Alyson Cook, potter, in action


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Raku pottery creates the coolest designs �

Raku is a traditional Japanese pottery technique. Freshly-fired items are placed into flammable materials such as paper or sawdust, and the resulting fire creates unique patterns.


Unique Incense Burner TeePee, Handmade Ceramic, Navy Blue Aztec Pattern Design, Stoneware Clay Potte

Shannon Garson Sgraffito


Alternative Kilns and Firing

Alternative Kilns and Firing: Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques. By: James C. Watkins, Paul Andrews Wandless. . Ceramicists searching for new wa


Rollers are suitable for professional potters, beginners or even kids. Use is easy and makes an amazing impression, due to it you get a lot of inspiration and ideas for pottery making. Tools are also used for other matter, for example, polymer clay. #ceramicstudio #ceramics #ceramicart #ceramicdesignideas #pottery #potteryinspirations#potteryclasses #clay #clayart #claycrafts #claycreations #potteryideas #PotteryKitsforBeginner #PotteryKitsforKids #PotteryKits #keramika


How to Make a Big Rose out of Clay

Expert flower maker Carolyn Clayton shows you how to make a how to make a clay rose. She recently had to make several hundred for a shop display.




Rollers are suitable for professional potters, beginners or even kids. Use is easy and makes an amazing impression, due to it you get a lot of inspiration and ideas for pottery making. Tools are also used for other matter, for example, polymer clay. #ceramicstudio #ceramics #ceramicart #ceramicdesignideas #pottery #potteryinspirations#potteryclasses #clay #clayart #claycrafts #claycreations #potteryideas #PotteryKitsforBeginner #PotteryKitsforKids #PotteryKits #keramika


Drawn and Transferred - Ceramic Arts Network

There is a rich history of sharing cultural values and beliefs both through the telling of stories as well as the use of hand-crafted objects. My illustrations are often graphic, simplified depictions of realism with emblematic patterning. On larger and more complex forms, anthropomorphic and autobiographical themes are integrated into layered compositions from the obscure to the obvious.


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Tiny Green Geode Bowl - Green and White Ceramic Bowl, Ring Dish, Salt Dish, Small Porcelain Dish

A miniature version of my Geode bowl, these tiny dishes make great gifts. This bowl measures approximately 2.25" in diameter x 1." high.** Hand formed from a porcelain clay, this bowl is unglazed on the textured exterior. The interior of these bowls is coated with a beautiful food safe Forrest Green glaze. Add a little bamboo spoon for scooping salt, sugar or spices. *****Packaged ready for gift giving in a little kraft paper box. ****** **This listing is for one bowl. Because these items are handmade, each one is unique and measurements are approximate. ** Be sure to check out all of the pieces in my "Geode" collection! http://www.etsy.com/shop/elementclaystudio?section_id=10677248 Please be sure to view our shop policies before placing your order. Thanks! http://www.etsy.com/shop/elementclaystudio/policy


Flock of Birds

As we go about our day-to-day activities, birds are the most common form of wildlife we encounter on a regular basis. They live secret and fascinating lives that pique our interest and serve as important subject matter throughout art history. From chickens to warblers, birds come in all shapes and sizes. Create a multi-species flock from pinched bowls and a few simple tools. Use firing or self-hardening clay over a couple of class periods. Start by looking at pictures of different types of birds and discuss their shapes and sizes. Birds can be sleek and minimal, like the Cat Bird, or have lots of visual texture, such as the Starling. The starting shape of the pinched bowl will influence the bird form. The birds can also be used to create functional items like salt and pepper shakers, bud vases, and rattles.


Pottery Knowledge

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Du willst Töpfern lernen, weißt aber nicht, wo und wie du anfangen sollst? In diesen Artikel liefern wir dir 6 Anhaltspunkte für deinen Start in die Welt des Töpferns und der Keramik.



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Pebble Glaze How-to

The Pebble pattern is produced by contrasting glazes mixing and flowing over a stamped design in the clay. It's a very simple process that can easily be modified and applied to a wide range of pieces


▷ Töpfern für Anfänger - Inspirationen und Arbeitsmethoden

Töpfern für Anfänger: erste und einfache Schritte bei der Arbeit mit Ton. Ton selber machen. DIY Geschäft mit Töpferarbeiten beginnen.



Latex Resist: A Surface Tool — objective clay

By Kip O'Krongly In my last post, I talked about green glazing and single firing. As part of that single firing process, all of my surface work is completed prior to the first trip into the kiln. In order to build up enough surface depth before firing, I've found latex resist to


Hand Building Clay Techniques | These are some of the fun things you will learn:


How to Make Agateware Pottery on the Wheel - Ceramic Arts Network

Agateware pottery experts Michelle Erickson and Robert Hunter demonstrate how to throw agateware on the pottery wheel.


Mein Töpfertagebuch (3): Anleitung für eine Auflaufform - Leelah Loves

Schritt für Schritt DIY töpfer Anleitung für eine handgetöpferte Auflaufform aus Ton als Projekt für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene




Handgetöpfertes Keramik-Seepferdchen

Mit viel Liebe zum Detail getöpfertes Seepferdchen.


Mein Töpfertagebuch (2): Grundlegende Techniken und mini Blumentöpfe - Leelah Loves

Anleitung für selbst getöpfterte mini tripod Blumentöpfe aus Ton mit Erklärung der Grundlagen für Töpfer Anfänger wie Schlicker und Plattentechnik